The Journey Begins

It’s been three decades since photography first stole my heart. There have been many distractions along the way, but I’m finally finding my way back to it and I just have to say that my heart is SO FULL!

I recently had my first portrait session with a dear friend and colleague who had been avoiding new headshots for a while. As a camera-shy person myself, I understood her hesitation and made it my goal to help her feel as comfortable and natural as possible.

In the end, she left me with some very helpful constructive feedback and a beautiful tribute that still brings tears to me eyes. Thank you, Jennifer, for being my guinea pig!

“Sarah made me feel at ease during the photo session with her magnetic sense of humor. She was able to evoke a genuine smile, and, along with her attention to detail, provided me with my most treasured headshots. Sarah guided me through the whole process, from recommendations for attire to poses, and I sincerely appreciate the quick turnaround time.”

Jennifer Diaz, Executive Director, Society for Music Theory