Portraits & Headshots

We can rock a good selfie for a while, but eventually every professional needs a good headshot — one that captures not just their likeness, but shows a glimpse of personality and style.

My first two packages are pretty standard, but the third (in the green block) is a bit more intensive. It includes a pre-shoot consultation, longer session time, and more final images. These images could be headshots or tailored for use on your website, social media, blog posts, emails, album or program covers, etc. The world is your oyster!

As a lifelong musician and artist, I have a soft spot for creative entrepreneurs and professionals who desire to build an audience that connects with them and, as a result, has a greater appreciation for their work. And as one who struggles with being on the other side of the camera, I also have a soft spot for people who are working to overcome fear and self-doubt. Helping people explore their personal brand, their “why,” and find creative solutions to the challenges they face is work that truly lights me up. So if you are intrigued but feeling unsure — please reach out! I could quite literally chat about this stuff all day.

Please see my COVID-19 page to learn about additional steps I am taking to keep everyone safe.

Sarah made me feel at ease during the photo session with her magnetic sense of humor. She was able to evoke a genuine smile and provide me with some of my most treasured headshots.

Jennifer Diaz, executive director of smt


Amber McCoy, mezzo-soprano

Monika Herzig, jazz pianist

Maria Izzo Walker, soprano

Devon Nelson, musicologist

Audrey Williams, upright bass and strings

Layne Anspach, horn

Joanie Spain, career advisor

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