I recently picked up keys to a fantastic shared studio space in downtown Bloomington, and to say I am excited is an understatement! I am thrilled to be a part of the Untitled Light family and look forward to not only the consistency of a reliable workspace, but to the inspiration that comes from working in a creative community. I cannot wait to get started!

To properly warm-up the space, I’m be hosting my first in-studio portrait day on Saturday, February 20, from 10-4 pm. Info and booking details are below. If you want to stay in the loop for future offers, consider joining my mailing list! (I promise I won’t bombard you.)

Please see my COVID-19 page to learn about additional steps I am taking to keep everyone safe.

“There are plenty of people who take good pictures, but Sarah’s seriously got the touch. She is a conduit for emotion and can translate the feeling of a moment into a photograph, capturing a living situation in a way that speaks to people. Her photos have depth and emotion. It’s more than just an image; it’s a gift.”

Holly Hooper

60 Minute Portrait/Headshot Session

This is a standard 60 minute photo shoot. Limit is two outfits, but feel free to bring jackets, hats, scarves, jewelry, or other details that can be quickly added for visual variety.

Personal Branding Session

Personal brand photography is a fantastic blend of portrait, documentary, and lifestyle that captures not just you, but your passions, purpose, and story. It’s a bit more involved, but the goal is to get a variety of images that can be used on your website, social media, blogs, emails, album covers, etc.

30 Minute Portrait/Headshot Session

Thirty minutes is never quite enough, but I keep this option available for those on a tight budget. Since time is so short, there is a one outfit limit and you’ll definitely want to come with hair and makeup ready!

“Sarah’s work is true to life without taking the beauty out of it. Some photographers go for straight realism and some go so far in the opposite direction that the images don’t look real. Sarah has an eye for that perfect middle. Real life, beautifully.”

Amber McCoy

I don’t need to make a list. We all know that 2020 has been ROUGH — in ways that we never could have imagined when we greeted it with open arms just nine months ago.

And yet, there is a calm in me. I find that I am worrying less about what is expected and focusing on simply doing the best I can. When things get hard, I acknowledge it with as much grace as possible (sometimes none) and then double down on gratitude. I’m also making space for JOY by spending intentional time with the people, projects, and experiences that are most important to me. It’s a work in progress.

Speaking of JOY…

Photography is one of those things that brings me great joy. While I haven’t been able to take as many pictures as I had planned this year, I was finally able to upload, organize, and share some of my work from the past 1-2 years on my website. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Now that things are cooling down a bit out there, I am planning to set up some photo sessions — safely distanced and masked, of course. I realize that things are still uncertain, especially in the performing arts, but the need for a strong online presence with quality images has never been greater and I would LOVE to help you greet 2021 with a brand new set of images for your website, blog, podcast, social media, etc.

Everyone needs something different, so I’ve put together a few options:

The first two blocks are basically standard headshot packages. The third is a bit more intensive as it includes some consultation and planning work, in addition to the longer session time and extra photos.

Helping people explore their personal brand and figure out creative solutions to whatever problems they are facing is work that I am SUPER passionate about and want to do more of, so if you’re intrigued but feeling unsure, please reach out. I am always happy to help. Find me on Facebook, Instagram, or txt 812.340.0510.

Until then — just keep being your beautiful self!


P. S. I’ve also been exploring some ways I can contribute to the positive and important changes I want to see during my one wild and precious life. To follow me on this journey, subscribe to my mailing list! And always feel free to share your ideas with me.

It’s been three decades since photography first stole my heart. There have been many distractions along the way, but I’m finally finding my way back to it and I just have to say that my heart is SO FULL!

I recently had my first portrait session with a dear friend and colleague who had been avoiding new headshots for a while. As a camera-shy person myself, I understood her hesitation and made it my goal to help her feel as comfortable and natural as possible.

In the end, she left me with some very helpful constructive feedback and a beautiful tribute that still brings tears to me eyes. Thank you, Jennifer, for being my guinea pig!

“Sarah made me feel at ease during the photo session with her magnetic sense of humor. She was able to evoke a genuine smile, and, along with her attention to detail, provided me with my most treasured headshots. Sarah guided me through the whole process, from recommendations for attire to poses, and I sincerely appreciate the quick turnaround time.”

Jennifer Diaz, Executive Director, Society for Music Theory