The Symphony

/ˈsimfənē/: an elaborate musical composition for orchestra

Extended session — great for newborns, seniors, extended families, personal branding, or any session where a little extra care is needed. Includes: 2 hour session, pre-shoot consultation, 2-3 locations or wardrobe changes, and 20 high resolution final images. | $ 375

The Overture

/ˈōvərCHər/: an introduction, an opening to a larger dramatic work

A shorter version of the Symphony, great for many different kinds of photography — cake smashes, sitter sessions, seniors, family portraits, headshots, etc. Includes: 60 minute session, 1 location, 1-2 wardrobe changes, and 10 high resolution final images. | $275

The Étude

/āˈto͞od/: a short musical composition intended for study

Short and sweet — exists to provide a more budget-friendly option for simple headshots and portraits. Includes: 30 minute session and 5 high resolution final images (no additional location/wardrobe options). | $150

There are plenty of people who take good pictures, but Sarah’s seriously got the touch. She is a conduit for emotion and can translate the feeling of a moment into a photograph, capturing a living situation in a way that speaks to people. Her photos have depth and emotion. It’s more than just an image; it’s a gift.

Holly Hooper

Sarah supports her subjects in what they need – through meaning, empathy, good listening, and observation skills. I am a super fan!

Monika Herzig

The most special thing about Sarah is the very real, heartfelt, authentic connection she makes with her clients. This connection comes through in every photo.

Joanie Spain

Sarah’s work is true to life without taking the beauty out of it. She has an eye for that perfect middle. Real life, beautifully.

Amber McCoy

Sarah’s images capture what I want others to see in me. She makes me feel beautiful!

Audrey Williams

Sarah J. Slover is a portrait photographer based in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana.

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